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Focus is not on the size of the product , it’s the exposure of each and every experience to as many people possible around the world.

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BookAsOne will be spanning across all types of travel be it Adventure or Zipline , Archaeological or Zero- G , Art to Wildlife. Name it and you can sell it.

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Your earnings don't keep you waiting. Get complete information on all your transactions.


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Bookasone helps you make money even when you're asleep. A customer in any time-zone or destinantion has access to buy your product.

A Global Audience

High decibel marketing campaigns to ensure your products are highlighted and reach the right customers. Potential population of customer is Endless!!

Know your customer

Get key trends and insights about the customer activity and serve your customers better.

Ease of Payments

Faster payments. The payment is made directly to your bank account, thus making the whole process fast and easy.

Reduced overheads

Selling on BookAsOne removes the need for expensive retail premises and customer-facing staff.

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You upload your product details

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Don’t Worry! We have designed a training tutorial to help you master the art of selling online & grow your business by leaps and bounds.

Also our professionals are there at every step to guide you.

We actually market for you

We show your products in a way that is relevant to guests around the world. We also market on search engines like Google, Bing & social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc to help you sell more and increase revenue!

Know your customer

Get key trends and insights about the customer activity and serve your customers better.

You get instant Bookings & reviews

All bookings made on the platform are confirmed instantly. These reviews help your future guests make the decision to travel with you.

Customer Service

Instant confirmation, e-vouchers, itinerary, etc..

365 days customer service available.

Recommended Supplier

Products marked with the above tag are sold or sourced from a third party with quality check done by our experts.

Products marked with above tag are based on the feedback and ratings provided by customers.

Products marked with above tag are recommended by tourism boards of respective countries where they operate, thereby giving assurance to the consumer.


1. Why should our company join bookasone ?
BookAsOne is the world's leading online booking platform for packages & excursions. After you become a supplier with BookAsOne, you can expect increased sales and global marketing. Our vast distribution network creates additional revenues for your company.
2. How can I sell my products on BookAsOne and sign up?
First you need to sign up as a supplier on BookAsOne. After we have checked your details, we will grant you access to our system so you can start uploading your products to our system. Once your products are live, customers can start booking them.
3. How should I sign-up ?
Signing up is easy! Just go to and select Register Now. Our simple and straightforward sign up form makes it easy to create a supplier account. Once you have confirmed your information, an e-mail will be sent with a link with that you use to activate your account. If you have questions regarding the sign up process you can contact us at
4. How much does it cost to use Bookasone?
It's free to use Bookasone. Bookasone is fully commission based. There are no fixed fees and you only pay a commission fee for confirmed bookings. Also, you can select your own commission structure every time you upload a product .
5. What kind of companies and products are suited for BookAsOne?
We are open to all kinds of suppliers of tours, attractions and activities. Our suppliers include end-activity operators, destination management companies and incoming agencies. As long as you offer an interesting experience your product is right for BookAsOne. BookAsOne works with professional suppliers of tours, attractions and other destination services. Our suppliers are usually direct operators and tend offer products in the following categories: Adventure, Agri, Archaeological, Last Minute, Cycling Tours, Culinary, Cultural, Day Tripper, Dark, Disaster, Eco, Escorted Tours, Events, Singles, Fashion, Festivals, Honeymoon, Expeditions, Staycations, Industrial, Wildlife, LGBT, Medical, Motorcycle, Music, Rail, Religious, River Cruises, Romance, Rural, Seniors Travel, Location vacation- Movie sets, Shopping, Space, Sports, Sustainable, Family, Desert tours, Gambling, Unusual Tours, War, Oceans, Lakes, River, Wellness, Youth, Educational, Women, Business, City breaks, Art & Architecture, Photography, Wine Tours, Nightlife tours, Whiskey Trails, Island Getaways, Beach, Winter Tours, Castles & Palaces, Luxury Tours, Budget, Theme Parks, Wedding, Incentive, Meeting, Helicopter Tour, Cultural Tour, Day Trips, City Walk, Sightseeing Pass, Show, New Year’s Eve, Dinner Cruise, Weight required, Hop-on Hop-off Tours, Sightseeing Cruise, Universal Studios, Movie Tour, City Coach Tour, Segway Tour, Art Tours, Culinary & Gourmet Tour, Bike Tour, Multi-day Tours, Skydiving, Dinner, Air Tour, Bar Tours, Multi-day Coach Tour, Wine Tour, Zorbing, All-day Tour, Museum, Skyscraper & Towers, Musical, Sailing, Restaurant, TV Tour, Photography, Shopping Tour, Night Cruise, Rail Tour, Half-day Tour, Christmas, 4WD Tour, Night Tours, Historical Tour, Disney Parks, Live Concert, Pub Tours, City Sights Package, Overnight Tours, City Packages ,Ghost & Vampire Tours, All-day Coach Tour, Ballooning, Sea World, Dinner, Theater, Religious Tours, Canal Cruise, Cooking Class, Wine Tasting, Attraction, Multi-day Minibus Tour, GPS Car Tours, Zoo, Private Tours, Cabaret, Snorkeling , Dinner and Show, Nature & Wildlife, City Entertainment Packages, Zoos & Wildlife Parks, Half-day Coach Tour, Duck Tours, Literary Tours, Universal Theme Parks, Scuba Diving, Nightlife, Adventure Tour, Dolphin & Whale Watching, White Water Rafting, Family Friendly Tours & Activities, Seaplane Tour, City Tour, Heritage Tour, Flying Fox, Submarine Tours, Luncheon Cruise, Horse-riding, Art Gallery, Amusement Parks, Hummer Tour, Winter ,City Minivan Tour, Breakfast, Camel Rides, Luxury Tours, Speed Boat/Power Boat, Nature Walk, Bike Rental, Race Car Drive / Ride Along, Multi-day Rail Tours, Aquarium, Wedding Ceremony, Super Savers, ATV Tour, Autumn / Fall, Eco Tour, Museum ,Parasailing & Paragliding, Christmas Eve, Vespa, Scooter & Moped Tours, ,Music Tours, Jet skiing, Wedding Package ,Shark Diving, Castles, Private Sightseeing Tours, Surfing, Adults-only Shows, Sightseeing Passes & Tickets, Comedy how, Night Coach Tour, Coffee Cruise, Football, Rafting, Inter-Island Flights, Jet Boating, Busch Gardens, Baseball, Kayaking, Six Flags, Canoeing, Water Parks, Half-day Minivan Tour, Sand Boarding, All-day Minivan Tour, Mountain Bike Tour ,Quad Bike Tour, Safari Day Tours, Lift Pass, Specialty Plane Tour, Other Water Sports, Hiking, Waterskiing, Theater, Natural Attraction, Nature Park, Special Offers & Coupons, Bungee Jumping, Boat Rental, Fishing Tour, Glacier Walk, Eco Tours, River Tubing, Boxing, Custom Private Tours, Halloween, Romantic Tours, Comedian, Elephant Rides, Snow Sports, Glass Bottom Boat Tours, Breakfast Cruise, Self-Guided tours ,Christmas Day, Fashion Tour, Private Day Trips, Once in a Lifetime Experiences, Caving, Bird Watching, Snowmobiling, Boxing Day, Passport Info, Shooting Range, Abseiling, Multi-day Safaris, Australian Rules Football (AFL),Audio Guides, Fishing Package, NFL Football, Valentine's Day, Rentals, Golf Tee Time, Regional Sporting Event, Horse Racing, Outback Tour, Spring, Wine Appreciation Course, Golf Package, Rock Climbing, Airport & Hotel Transfers - Arrival, Airport & Hotel Transfers - Departure, Bus services, Airport & Hotel Transfers - Round-Trip, Fishing Day Charter, Helicopter Transfer, Scooter Rentals, Rail Passes, Photography Tour, Private Residences - Round-Trip, Limousine Transfers - Arrival, Rail transfers - Arrival, Ferry Services, Limousine Transfers - Departure ,Rail Transfers - Departure, Limousine Transfers - Round-Trip ,Private Residences - Departure, Port Transfers - Round-Trip, Rail Transfers - Round-Trip, If you are unsure whether your company is suited for distribution on BookAsOne, simply contact us at
6. What is the commission rate and what does it include? How can I set it up?
We try to be flexible to be able to work with a wide variety of suppliers, but please take into account that we also need to be able to cover our costs and make a small profit. The commission rate includes all the costs from credit card fees to bank transactions and promotion of your tours through our marketing activities and customer support. The commission rate will be deducted from successful bookings made through the BookAsOne website. The commission rate is the only fee you will be paying us. There are no hidden costs involved with your registration. You can setup the commission rate in the pricing tab of the extranet when you fill up the products. The commission rate ranges from 5% and above. Remember! Higher the commission, better ranking of your products.
7. What is a company registration?
Your company registration is the business license that allows you to run tours legally. All our suppliers are required to have a legal business and thus, we require everyone to upload their company registration or tour guiding license as proof.
8. Why do I need to be registered?
BookAsOne only works with legally operating businesses. This is both in the interest of BookAsOne and our suppliers. It is unfair for legally registered tour operators to be competing with people who run tours from home and thus, do not pay any taxes. It is also essential for BookAsOne to gain its customers’ trust by working with tour and activity providers that have their local government’s approval.
9. What if a company registration is not required by law in my country?
If your country is one of the few exceptions where tour operators are not obliged to register with the government, please contact your account manager or to get more information on how you can work with us.
10. What is the Input Text Language?
All the products need to be input in English Language.
11. What is the Product Title?
The title of your product should let the customer know with a quick look what the product is, what is included, the transportation used (if any). Adjectives such as 'the best' or 'fantastic' should be avoided and titles should also never be written all in CAPITALS.
12. What is the Product Reference Code?
The product code is for you to keep track of your tours on BookAsOne. If you have codes for your products on your own website, it is easier for you to use the same codes here to find your products easily when you need to make changes or update information.
13. What are the Highlights?
Customers read highlights before the description. Always start with a verb. Use verbs, which describe actions (see, visit, enjoy, experience, explore, travel, etc.) to capture the traveler’s attention. Use short, informative phrases to summarize what the product has to offer.
14. What are the Inclusions / Exclusions?
Tell your customers exactly what is included in the product price. Are meals included? How about drinks? Is hotel pick up included? If this is an entrance for an attraction, does the price include an guide? Exclusions Tell your customers what will not be included in the product price. List all costs which are not included. Is the meal excluded? How about drinks? Are entrance tickets included and if not, how much should the customer bring in cash?
15. What is the Voucher Information / Emergency phone number?
The voucher the customer receives after they make a booking, has the following information from the tour: tour title , tour inclusions, exclusions, additional information, pick up information, and the name of your company, including your phone number and e-mail address as provided in your profile. If you wish to include any other information for the client to see after they make their booking, such as a general e-mail address to contact your company, use this field. The Emergency phone number is where you enter a number on which the customer can contact you if they need to.
1. When do I get notifications and for what reasons?
1. Incomplete Profile A complete profile should have: company registration, insurance policy, bank account detail, and commission rate. If you profile is missing any of the above, automated reminder e-mails will be sent until you add the required information. 2. Bookings You will receive an e-mail when your products are booked. The notification is just for your information. 3. Booking Detail Change If a customer information for a booking has been changed you will be informed by email. 4. Customer Reviews After a customer leaves a review for a tour they booked with you, an automated e-mail is sent. You can then log on to your profile and view the review. Reviews will not be automatically published, but have to go through our customer service team. This is the reason why there is a short delay between the time you get a notification about a review, and the time you see it on the BookAsOne web page. 5. Accounting and Payments There are 3 different notifications you will get related to accounting: Request for Bank Account Information: You will only get this e-mail if you have not provided your bank account details but already have a booking. Incorrect Bank Account Information: If the information you added was not correct and the payment was not made, you will be asked to re-check your account information. Payment Made: After the payment has been made to your bank account, you will get the receipt for this payment via e-mail. You can also view and download the receipt as a PDF file directly from your profile’s payments section. 6. Availability Expiring You will receive a notification four weeks before the availability of your tours expire. This is to remind you that you either need to update the availability. When the availability expires, you will get weekly notifications until you take action. As customers tend to book tours about four weeks prior to the date of the tour, we suggest that you keep your availability up to date. 7. Forgot Password In case you should forget your password to log in into your account, you can request a new password by clicking on "Forgot Password". Then you will receive an email with a new password for your account on This can be changed any time again.
2. How do I deactivate my account?
To deactivate you will first need to log into your supplier profile at: From here, click on Settings in the sidebar menu, then on the Account tab. Then click on the delete button where it says Delete Account at the bottom of the page.
3. Can I deactivate whenever I want?
Yes. Please note that you will be required to honour any upcoming customer bookings already made through BookAsOne.
4. What happens after a customer books my product?
The customer will receive a confirmation email with the receipt of the product.
5. Where do I find my bookings?
All of your bookings are located in the Extranet. New bookings will appear under the Bookings section. Once a booking is made on a particular product, it will no longer appear here, but you can still access it by going on the booking section.
6. Will I be notified when there is a booking?
Yes. By default, the Primary Contact will receive all booking notifications via email. You may customize your booking notification emails under the 'Manage Users' tab of the Extranet. In this tab, users can be created, given specific privileges and access within the Extranet, and they can opt to receive booking notifications.
7. Can I get a report of my bookings?
Yes. You can generate a variety of booking reports under the Reports tab in the Extranet. You can choose to organize your reservations by when the bookings came in (booking date) or what date the bookings are for (travel date).
8. What do I do if I cannot accept an already confirmed booking?
Log into the Extranet and in the 'Bookings' tab, find the reservation. Kindly mail us with the BookAsOne code and provide an explanation for the same. Our team will looking forward into the matter and update you with the same.
9. How do I Add a New E-mail Address?
If you wish some or all of your notifications to be sent to an e-mail address other than the one you used to register with us, you can add the e-mail address as follows: Sign in to your profile at and go to the Settings section from the left hand menu bad. From the Notifications tab, click on edit Contact Details. After adding a new e-mail address, edit Notification Settings to receive e-mails at one, or both of your e-mail addresses.
10. What is a Private Option?
The tour will be given as a private group with no other customers for an extra charge.
1. In which currency will I be paid and can I change it for my account?
You can choose the currency you would like us to pay you in from the list of currencies available. Please note that the currency you choose when you upload a product will be the currency in which payments will be remitted. We might be able to add your currency if we do not have provided if it meets our requirements. It should not be an unstable currency. Please request this at AED U. A. E. Dirham AUD Australian Dollar CAD Canadian Dollar CHF Swiss Franc CNY Chinese Yuan DKK Danish Krone EUR Euro GBP Pound Sterling HKD HongKong Dollar INR Indian Rupee JPY Japanese Yen KRW Korean Won MYR Malayasian Ringgit NOK Norwegian Krone RUB Russian Ruble SAR Saudi Arabian Riyal SEK Swedish Krona SGD Singaporean Dollar THB Thai Bhat TRY Turkish Lira USD U. S. Dollar ZAR South African Rand
2. The currency I want is not in your list, can you add it?
Yes, it is possible for us to add a new currency as long as it fits our criteria (it should not be an unstable currency). Please contact to request a new currency.
3. Who will pay for the transaction costs?
The transaction costs are included in the commission rate you offer us.
4. What if my bank charges for incoming funds?
Some banks in some countries will charge the account holder for money transferred to the account from abroad. This is part of the regulations of that specific bank. This fee is not included in our commission rate. Please check with your bank to see if you have to pay extra.
5. How do I receive remittance advices (payment notifications)?
Your remittance advices (payment notifications) are sent by email to the Primary Contact at your company and whoever is granted "Finance" permissions in the Extranet. Remittance advices are sent monthly for all bookings fulfilled during the previous month. Payments are based on customer travel date — the date the tour or activity was completed — not customer booking date. Please contact your account manager for more information.
6. How do I set my bank account details?
Sign in to your profile from; Go to Account Click on Settings Click on Payment Details Go to Edit Add as much information as possible Tip: To avoid payment delays, please double check all the information you entered.
7. Does the bank account have to be in the name of my company?
The bank account does not have to be in the name of the company. You can provide a bank account that is an individual bank account. As you are the person adding your account information, it does not matter whose name the account is in.
1. When can a customer write a review?
A customer can only review your tour profile after booking and taking part in one of your tours. We do not accept reviews from customers who have not taken the tour.

2. How are reviews taken into consideration?
Reviews are a crucial and very important part of our system. They are heavily weighted into the algorithm that ranks your tours in the search. Furthermore reviews are the opinion of the customer who took the tour and other customers really take them into consideration before making a booking.

3. Can I get a bad review taken down?
The short answer is No. However in very particular cases, we might consider taking out a review if we believe it is unfair. When we receive a bad review we get in touch with the supplier to find out the reason for the review and act upon it. If the review is genuine and valid, it will be published in the tour profile for other customers to see. BookAsOne reserves the right to remove a review for the following reasons: the review contains profanity, racism, religious racism, etc the review contains advertisements, spam, or links to other websites the review is about the BookAsOne booking process or service the review is intended as harassment or to simply damage the tour operator’s reputation the review is for a different activity or booking the customer provided invalid contact information on their booking and could not be reached prior to the tour the customer contacts BookAsOne and requests, in writing, that their review be removed the customer made a mistake (for example, the text is positive but the star rating is negative) and requests, in writing, to edit or remove their review.